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Leg Master Slim at home with Fiona

With over 5 million LegMasters sold worldwide, we are proud to have helped so many women achieve life-changing fitness.

“That’s probably the best exercise piece of fitness kit we’ve ever had on this TV show…” THE GADGET SHOW Channel 5


Lower body exerciser helps slim, trim, and tone the legs, abs, and pelvic floor in just 60 seconds a day.

Created to work out legs, abs, and buttock muscles and with the flexible bar also includes your arms with the upper body. LegMaster® targets your inner thighs, outer thighs, buttock, hips, and core muscles to tighten and tone them. Use your own bodyweight to train muscles. Targets adductor and abductor muscles which are normally hard to isolate. Helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and strengthens weak muscles associated with incontinence. Unique lateral gliding rails.

What people say?

"I always knew my pelvic floor needed work, but I never realised how weak my pelvic floor was until I started using LegMaster®. I felt results almost instantly and noticed increased strength in my core. If you buy this machine for nothing else, get it for your pelvic floor."


"LegMaster targets areas that no other machine can. You will definitely feel this working within seconds. I have tried many exercises to strengthen my Pelvic Floor and they work but are time consuming and bore me to tears. This little beauty does it all: core, butt, inner/outer legs and pelvic floor. I highly recommend."


"I have to say, the LegMaster® has truly transformed my fitness routine. I've been using it for just a short while, and the results are already remarkable. Not only has it strengthened my pelvic floor, but it has also provided a significant boost to my overall core strength. I can't stress enough how much I appreciate this machine."


"After three Weeks girls, I no longer need those awful liners, nor do I carry them around just in case! And I used to wear them to bed as when I stood up in the morning I was sprinting to the bathroom. I am ecstatic about this product! I do 60 seconds after my morning coffee and the results are amazing!"


Life changing fitness with LegMaster®