Stronger Legs in Just 60 Seconds a Day

Join the millions of women worldwide who have improved their fitness and streamlined their shape with the help of Leg Master.

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Target Your Inner Thigh

Leg Master does best - although it's excellent for training lateral thigh muscles (and your buttocks and your lower abdominals too).

Inward Sweep

On the inward sweep you engage your inner thigh muscles. On the outward sweep you use your buttocks and outer thighs.

Only 60 Seconds A Day!

How can 60 seconds of exercise really make a difference? The secret is in the curved track, which works your muscles hard. Unlike a stepper, stationary bicycle, or other leg exercise machines, which can take 20-30 minutes to work, you'll feel the effects of the Leg Master after only 20-30 seconds.

Get More Shapely Legs Today

Leg Master is a revolutionary fitness machine that will change the way you think about working out. Just a minute a day to slim, tone and strengthen your legs.

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  • Tighten your inner and outer thighs
  • Lift and tone your buttocks
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor and core
  • Firm and tighten your upper body
  • Sculpt and tone your arms

Who Will Benefit?

Male or female, heavy or light, whatever your current fitness level or ability - it's the perfect way to hone your lower body. Dancers' or gymnasts' legs aren't perfected by walking alone.


Open 39-1/2"H x 42"W x 17"D;
Closed 27-1/2"H x 26"W x 17"D;

Will I Lose Weight?

The short answer is yes: you'll actually see the pounds drop off! Firming and strengthening exercise helps us to maintain and increase muscle tone.

Foldable for Easy Storage & Maximum Portability

You Have The Power

Change The Way You Look TODAY!

Unhappy with the size and shape of your buttocks, legs or thighs? You can do something about it today! Order the Leg Master right now and within days you'll be sculpting your figure.

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Success Stories


“My thighs got smaller, my bum got more pert, I lost weight around my stomach area."


"I'm 69 years old - and still get compliments on my legs!" Gloria lost 7% body fat and 7" from the waist down”


"You feel the resistance right away - and you will see results!" Miss Bikini contestant Danielle owes her lovely legs to Leg Master."


At 52 years old and a busy Mom of 5 daughters, Fiona Summers has no time to go the gym! And besides, she truly hates working out!

After her fourth daughter was born, Fiona was not happy with her body at all…everything jiggled and wiggled, her pelvic floor was on the floor and she saw parts of her body going south that should not have done so! In complete exasperation, she turned to her husband Neil, who is also an award-winning inventor, and pleaded with him to invent a product that she could use a minute a day that would help restore her to a strong, tone and healthy body. Neil quickly got to work and the first-generation Leg Master was born 18 months later.

Fiona now has 5 daughters, is busier than ever, but is passionate about spreading her message of good health and well-being to woman all around the world with her Leg Master.

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